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Yes employers still look at resumes, but only after it survives KEY WORD filters in a preliminary digital screening. We can help.

We will design or redesign your resume to target your employment goals. We’ll get it NOTICED! Our virtual services include two phone interviews and two resume distinct target markets.

$49.00 Includes:

  • Phone Conference
  • Review of Existing Resume
  • Completion of Resume Questionaire
  • Draft Review of 2 target market resumes
  • Final Production / Email Word and PDF Docs

Upon receipt of payment, you will receive a RESUME Builder Form.

Please complete and send this document and your existing most recent resume to:

Matching Candidates to Jobs

TalentGro is dedicated to bringing qualified job seekers to employers. We are also committed to our Veterans, and we actively seek and match qualified Veterans for the appropriate employment and training opportunities.

Free RESUME consulting to vets. Go to Fee Schedule and type 911VET in Coupon Box.

Resume Dilemma: Employment Gaps and Job-Hopping

In today’s economy, you need to carefully present your experience to avoid being seen as unstable. Start by evaluating your situation and determining how bad it really is. If you are panicking about two months of unemployment back in 1993, your job search will probably not be affected. However, if you are dealing with recent periods of unemployment extending for months or even years, you will need to start strategizing
If You’re Concerned About Employment Gaps

Think about other activities you can use to fill that time period. You might have experience relevant to your job target, regardless of whether you were paid.Volunteer activities, community involvement, special projects, consulting engagements and continuing education can be used in the Experience section.

Would you like to talk to one of our Career Coordinators to learn more about how Job4Americans can help you take full advantage regarding your status as a dislocated worker? Just Click Here to fill-in our easy-to-complete registration form – and we’ll be back in touch within 24-hours.