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State Licensing and Accreditation Services

  • Move your school into a position to receive State Approval, and then US Department of Education funding including the PELL grant as well as Government-backed student loans and Work Study funding.
  • Our approach to helping you get accredited is customized based on the level of expertise you already have and the amount of time you wish to assist us in the process.
  • For some schools, we handled the entire process, from the planning stage to supervising the entire process, constructing the numerous documents including the S.E.R., helping your school prepare for the site visit and complying with any requests from the Accrediting Body.
  • Other schools simply wanted us to do an assessment of their school and devise a strategic plan documenting all actions they must take in order to be accredited. We would then oversee your progress.
  • RESULT – Diversified and Increased Revenue Stream

SEVIS Consultation

More and more schools are realizing the benefit of the vast influx of foreign students coming to the United States to receive Vocational Training in select occupational areas.


Our approach to helping schools in this area is, again, to see exactly how much of the work the school wishes to handle.

RESULT – Diversified and Increased Revenue Stream

Distance Education / Curriculum Development / LMS Portal Hosting

Students today desire more flexibility in devoting time in the classroom. E-Learning is not only the solution to help students balance their education with the rest of their lives, but also enables schools to attract students that would otherwise not participate in traditional education. We have helped schools evolve into Blended-Learning (Part E-Learning / Part Traditional Classroom) and have help students add 100% Distance Learning to their course selections.


The Jobs4America curriculum team specializes in building, and supporting instructor-led and eLearning courses.

Our design is based on hands-on, practical exercises in order to give participants the knowledge of how to respond to “real-world” situations. We can develop a wide range of materials from supporting face-to-face training delivery to developing and deploying interactive courses online or instructor material. Whether you need a special training course or an entire curriculum, we can guide you.

Our curriculum development capabilities include:

  • School Wide Curriculum Needs Analysis and Assessment
  • Curriculum Design and Training Development
  • Development of Learning Objectives
  • Design and Update of Course/Program Evaluation Strategies
  • Instructor Training Delivery and Facilitation
  • Train the Trainer Webinars
  • Print training materials and job aids
  • Web-based, self-directed courses
  • E-learning Instructional Design

RESULT – Diversified and Increased Revenue Stream

Veteran Status

Much less complicated than the process for Foreign Students. Getting your school approved for Veteran Funding is a very quick process providing you with yet another income track.


RESULT – Diversified and Increased Revenue Stream

Workforce Recruitment / Analysis / Marketing Plan

Several schools have benefited from our experience on both sides of the business. Having worked on the DOL side as well as the School side, We have been effective in designing recruitment /marketing plans that have significantly improved enrollment. This task includes the production of a marketing strategy to both Workforce Funding Sources and General Public.


RESULT – Diversified and Increased Revenue Stream

Grant Writing

Funding diversity is a feature that will help you sleep better at night.


Proposals leading to Contracts, specifically solicited by funding sources representing targeted populations may well provide you with a longer-term base of student flow and revenue. We have been writing proposals for over 20 years.

RESULT – Diversified and Increased Revenue Stream

Long-Term Consultation

Should you require longer-term continuity in client recruitment, marketing, curriculum development, systems management, We would be happy to discus a long-term relationship which on-site and remote consulting services.


RESULT – Diversified and Increased Revenue Stream